What churches Can and Cannot Do in Politics

When it comes to politics in churches, there is a lot of confusion (especially on the part of pastors)about what type of political activities churches can engage in given their non-profit tax status. Some believe that all political activity is out of bounds and would put that status at risk.  Wrong.  Of course a lot […]

Organizing Churches with Church Contacts

So, what are church contacts?  A church contact is someone who serves as a point of contact between their church and outside conservative political groups and activity. They can help distribute critical and timely information, such as non-partisan voter guides, legislative alerts, legislative scorecards, leadership training, as well as other seasonal political information. By initiating […]

Why Conservatives Should Organize in Churches

It’s hard to imagine conservatives being more successful in politics without being joined by even MORE conservatives at the ballot box. That means that in order to win we have to do more to identify, educate and mobilize others who think like we do.  The question is what’s the most effective way to go about […]

Five Tools for Conservative Grassroots Organization

Grassroots organizing is no different than pretty much anything else in life.  If you’re serious about doing anything, you need to make sure you have the right tools to get the job done. Here’s a handy list of five of the most basic tools you should have at your disposal if you’re going to try […]

Why Conservatives Should Focus on Precinct Organization

It’s a truism in politics to say that “all politics is local”, but truisms are truisms because they’re usually true. In this case it’s right on the money. The precinct is the most “local” unit in American politics. If you’re not familiar with it, put simply, a “precinct” is essentially your neighborhood. It’s a geographic […]