Lessons from Single Payer Health Care Nirvana

The last thing that people who want more government control of healthcare need is for people to see the bad things that can happen when the government controls healthcare. But that is precisely the problem that Democrats have now that the skeletons have tumbled out of the VA closet. The scandal suggests that the “death […]

If You Build It, They Will Come

Just over one month after repeated assurances from the government that the NSA’s data-collection program wasn’t anything like what we thought it was, we’re now finding out that they were right.  It’s worse. A review of some recent headlines: “NSA ‘dragnet’ wider than previously suspected” – NBC News “Report: NSA Searches and Stores Americans’ Emails” […]

Celebrating (less) Independence

The land of liberty ain’t what it used to be. On the one hand we have faceless bureaucrats becoming more ingrained in our everyday lives, and on the other hand we have judges overturning the will of the voters, whether expressed in referendums or via elected representatives. Hardly a cause for a celebration of independence. […]

Welcome to the surveillance state

You’ve read about it in books and you’ve seen it on TV and in the movies.  Well, here we are.  Welcome to the surveillance state. Today it is the collection of phone records, emails, Facebook posts, text messages, chat room sessions, Google searches, credit card transactions and online documents that we know about.  Tomorrow, who […]