How to Have a Productive Meeting with Elected Officials


When it comes to lobbying, the squeaky wheel tends to get the grease.  And while many different forms of lobbying can produce positive results, the most effective method is to meet with your elected officials personally. But if you’re going to have a personal meeting with elected officials, you want to do what you need […]

How to Target Your Grassroots Lobbying Efforts

grassroots lobbying

One of the most important questions to answer before starting any grassroots lobbying campaign is “who” are you going to lobby?  In pretty much every campaign there is a limited amount of time and resources available, and you want to get the most out them both.  That means targeting them where they can make the […]

HOW to Have Meetings that Matter


It’s hard to have an organization without meetings, and you can’t have meetings without people. But meetings that aren’t organized or run well can be one of the quickest ways to kill interest and run people away from any organization. As I have mentioned several times, “politics is people” – and if you can’t attract […]

How to Push Your Message

push 1

It doesn’t make very much sense to go to the trouble of developing and packaging a message and then not trying to push it out the door. It’s sort of like having a better mouse-trap and not letting anyone know about it. The world will pass you by. You need to know how to push […]

How to Package Your Message

package 1

In politics, it’s one thing to know what you want to say, but it’s another to put it all together in a way that helps you have an impact.  And that means message packaging. Once you’ve spent time developing your overall message, make sure that you take the time to package it for success. That […]