How to Push Your Message

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It doesn’t make very much sense to go to the trouble of developing and packaging a message and then not trying to push it out the door. It’s sort of like having a better mouse-trap and not letting anyone know about it. The world will pass you by. You need to know how to push […]

How to Package Your Message

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In politics, it’s one thing to know what you want to say, but it’s another to put it all together in a way that helps you have an impact.  And that means message packaging. Once you’ve spent time developing your overall message, make sure that you take the time to package it for success. That […]

Religious Liberty and Republican Opportunity

religion and politics

The recent battles over religious liberty in Indiana and Arkansas demonstrate an ironic truth: that we are actually debating whether or not you can be forced to violate your faith in a country originally settled by people looking for the freedom to practice their faith. Let that soak in for a minute. The hysteria was […]

How to Develop a Message


When you’re trying to have an impact on pretty much anything in politics it usually involves a need to communicate a clear message – whether to a group of people, the media, or both. But in order to cut through the clutter of competing stories and messages and communicate in a way that will make […]

Tips for Effective Confrontation in Politics


The principles that are at stake in American politics sometimes require that conservatives be willing to be confrontational. If we’re always fighting with one hand tied behind our backs, we can’t very well expect to win. But it’s one thing to point out the need to be willing to be confrontational, and another to go […]