The Importance of Political Confrontation


Most people hate confrontation. But given that “politics is people”, (and about people agreeing and disagreeing), effective political participation is almost certain to involve some sort of confrontation at some point. Most people tend to want to “get along”, (or “play nice”, as your mother probably told you), and that’s admirable in pretty much every […]

Free Speech Hypocrisy

free speech hypocrisy

When it comes to free speech and the liberal hypocrisy that surrounds it, last week added two towering examples to an already impressive list. In Washington, DC the Supreme Court held that the current cap on the aggregate amount that any one American can give to political candidates in an election cycle is unconstitutional, (but […]

How to Get Elected to a Local Political Party Office

Running for leadership

If you want to have an even greater impact on the things that you care about, serving in a local political party office is another great opportunity to do exactly that. But you need to keep a few things in mind… You need to go to the meetings Begin by showing up for local party […]

Build a Communications Resources List

resources list

Whether you’re running for office, helping someone else run, or lobbying an issue with your local government, it’s not enough to have the best ideas, or even good ideas. You have to be able to communicate them in a way that reaches and educates people so that they can potentially take action. Without that, you’re […]

Are You Building the Political Farm Team?

uncle sam

Most every pro baseball player you see has spent time in the minor leagues before they got to play in the big leagues. Nobody lasts forever, and eventually somebody has to move up and take someone else’s place. It’s why teams spend so much time and money recruiting and developing new talent. It’s called the […]