The Three Types of Media

media types

If you are involved in politics in any capacity – whether election campaigns, grassroots lobbying efforts, or just actively supporting the things that you believe in – you have a message to communicate. So how will you do it? There are three basic types of media for getting any political message out to the public: […]

How to Leverage Campaign Contributions

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If you have been involved in politics or helped with campaigns for any length of time, then you have learned how important money is to the political process. The old saying that “money is the mother’s milk of politics” is true, but there’s a deeper truth there than just the importance of money, but rather […]

The Thrill is Gone in the Cult of Obama

Obama cult

Things aren’t fairing so well with the Cult of Obama lately. In fact, if there could be a theme song to Obama’s second term as President, it would have to be B.B. King’s “The thrill is gone”. All the polls are singing in harmony. According to the latest AP poll, Obama has reached his lowest […]

The Truth about American Political Participation


So often many Americans tend to chalk up “the way things are” to someone pulling the strings behind the scenes. Of course we are usually naturally suspicious of power and probably watch too many movies with conspiracy theories for our own good. But the truth is that no single person or even a few individuals […]

Political Resolutions for Conservatives

resolutions - conservatives

Sometimes we get so caught up in campaigns or what’s going on in politics at the moment that we lose sight of what’s important and what to do next.  In other words, conservatives need to stay focused in order to be politically successful. With that in mind, here are some political resolutions for conservatives: Pick […]