Tips for Effective Confrontation in Politics


The principles that are at stake in American politics sometimes require that conservatives be willing to be confrontational. If we’re always fighting with one hand tied behind our backs, we can’t very well expect to win. But it’s one thing to point out the need to be willing to be confrontational, and another to go […]

How to Write Great Letters to the Editor or Op-Ed Columns


Ever get an itch to let people know what you think on an issue you care about? Ever thought about writing it down and sending it to a newspaper to be published? You can do this with “letters to the editor” (LTEs) and guest op-eds (or columns). It’s not difficult, and can be more influential […]

How the Legislative Process Works


Legislating is a messy business. As Otto Von Bismarck once said, “Laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them being made”. But it’s a messy business because it involves people who represent lots of other people with different points of view. And this process has to accommodate them all. There are a […]

Know the Facts Before You Lobby

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Do you know everything that you need to know about what you’re trying to have an impact on? Before you set out to have an impact on any particular issue it helps to have more than just a thumb-nail view of the facts in order to be able to make a case for what you […]

Lessons from the Obama Backlash


Now that Election Day is behind us (unless you live in Louisiana), a few lessons and observations from the Obama backlash… Obama Was the Issue At the risk of demonstrating a keen grasp of the obvious, Obama was THE issue in this campaign. Republican campaigns were like the gun store with the “Salesman of the […]