Ten Trump Election Lessons

There are always lessons that we can learn from the results any election, but when one is the most stunning upset in US political history we really need to pay attention. Here are the first lessons that come to mind: 1) Money isn’t what it used to be. Trump won spending about five dollars per […]

HOW to Create Your Own Endorsement List

How many times has someone asked who you plan to vote for in any given election? Better yet, how many times have you been asked “who should I vote for?” Probably more than once. Of course you’re not the only one. People who are truly paying attention to politics tend to get more than just […]

The Four Rules to Winning an Election

When it comes to winning an election or organizing for grassroots success, it’s not complicated.  It’s not some secret formula that you need to figure out or pay a lot of money for. It’s pretty simple and straightforward.  In fact, the rules haven’t changed since this country first started holding elections. The “rules” were spelled […]