Effective Online Organization Tips for Conservatives

Whatever your issue, campaign or quest to just speak out and make a difference, if it’s important enough for you to organize or participate “off-line”, then you need to get active “on-line” as well. Here’s a quick review of some of the most fundamental online organization tips: Create a “Home-Base” Use either a complete website […]

Six Basic Online Campaign Tools and Activities

Since we’ve been discussing online activity and organization lately, I wanted to give some thoughts on some of the specific but basic things that you can do online in support of a campaign or organization, (or to augment any “offline” organization activity). Here’s a handy list of six basic online campaign tools and activities that […]

Four tips for conservative online organization

Whether everyone in politics realizes it yet or not (still “not” for many people), online organization is not only here to stay, but it represents the quickest, most impactful and cost effective form of political organization. And when it comes to organizing and campaigning on the Internet – (and before you get down in the […]

Three reasons for conservative online organization

Given that politics is all about people, it’s a natural fit for the Internet and online social networks. In many ways the Internet is the ultimate “precinct” in America’s politics, in that everyone “lives” there.  The overwhelming majority of registered voters have online access, and huge (and increasing) percentages of them regularly access political information […]