More on the importance of precinct organization

So, why is precinct organization so important? As I’ve said before, the old “all politics is local” truism is pretty much true because politics is all about people – and “local” is where the people are. In other words, that’s where the (potential) power is. But since successful politics requires organization, that’s where precincts come […]

Organizing precincts with precinct captains

As I have mentioned before, the best way to impact politics is to organize at the precinct level.  And the best way to organize is to put someone in charge. When it comes to organizing in precincts, that means “precinct captains”. So what is a precinct captain?  Put simply, a precinct captain is someone who […]

Why Conservatives Should Focus on Precinct Organization

It’s a truism in politics to say that “all politics is local”, but truisms are truisms because they’re usually true. In this case it’s right on the money. The precinct is the most “local” unit in American politics. If you’re not familiar with it, put simply, a “precinct” is essentially your neighborhood. It’s a geographic […]