Tips For Better Political Activism

So you’re all excited or worked up about some issue, campaign or candidate and you decide it’s time to volunteer and try to make a difference.  That’s great.  But there’s always a risk that you’ll be overzealous, jump in to anything and everything with both feet and soon get burned out.  When that happens, you […]

Suggested Books for Political Conservatives

I recently had an exchange with a fellow activist about what kind of books I’ve read that are useful from a practical political standpoint. I mentioned that, despite studying political science when I was in college, political science doesn’t teach much of practical value. Besides actual experience (and experienced friends to work with), books are […]

What are you going to do about it?

Do you spend more time than you would like complaining about things going on in government?  That’s not unusual.  In fact, it’s pretty much a prerequisite (or at least a direct symptom) of democracy. Government is run by imperfect people who represent a lot of other imperfect people with a lot of different philosophies and […]

How Did that Idiot Get Elected? (Impact of Apathy in Politics)

Ever sit at home and watch the evening news or read the paper and see a story about some elected official who does something so incredibly stupid that it makes you mutter (or yell) to yourself, “How did that idiot get elected?”  If so, you’re not alone. So how did they get that job?  The […]