Political Resolutions for Conservatives

Sometimes we get so caught up in campaigns or what’s going on in politics at the moment that we lose sight of what’s important and what to do next.  In other words, conservatives need to stay focused in order to be politically successful. With that in mind, here are some political resolutions for conservatives: Pick […]

Basic Political Negotiation Techniques

Grassroots politics or lobbying isn’t always just about conflict. Sometimes it’s about negotiating and compromise. As Sun Tzu put it, “Better to take all under Heaven intact than to fight”. If you can “win” without having to fight, expend resources, or potentially make enemies that you might need as friends in the next fight, it’s […]

Republicans should target the IRS and the Tax Code

Former Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall stated that, “The power to tax involves the power to destroy”.  This is true enough, but it also involves the power to control. In fact, control is the number one feature of our tax code, at least in terms of how much of our behavior it controls.  This […]