How to Get Elected to a Local Political Party Office

If you want to have an even greater impact on the things that you care about, serving in a local political party office is another great opportunity to do exactly that. But you need to keep a few things in mind… You need to go to the meetings Begin by showing up for local party […]

Political Parties: How to Get Involved

As I’ve mentioned before, getting involved in a political party is one of the best ways to have an impact on the things you care about.  And for conservatives, that means getting involved in the GOP. However, many people don’t get involved simply because they don’t know much about it, and a lack of information […]

How Did that Idiot Get Elected? (Impact of Apathy in Politics)

Ever sit at home and watch the evening news or read the paper and see a story about some elected official who does something so incredibly stupid that it makes you mutter (or yell) to yourself, “How did that idiot get elected?”  If so, you’re not alone. So how did they get that job?  The […]