Key Attributes of Good Conservative Activists and Leaders

As you’ve surely noticed there are a lot of people involved in politics with many different strengths and weaknesses. But what kind do we need MORE of? What kind of people should you seek out and try to work with? What kind of people should you actively try to recruit and get involved in politics […]

How to Manage Political Volunteers

American politics and public policy is moved by its citizens; specifically, ACTIVE citizens. It’s all about people.  People work for candidates in their campaigns, cast ballots on Election Day, and then lobby those elected officials to help shape public policy once they get into office. But given that so few people actually do participate in […]

Are You Building the Political Farm Team?

Most every professional baseball player that you see has spent time in the minor leagues before they got a chance to play in the big leagues. Nobody lasts forever, and eventually somebody has to move up and take someone else’s place. It’s why teams spend so much time and money recruiting and developing new talent. […]

Four top qualities of great political volunteers

If you’ve ever run or worked on a campaign, been a candidate for office, or just pretty much been involved in politics in almost any capacity, you’ve seen how important volunteers are to political success. And you’ve no doubt noticed that all volunteers are not created equal.  Some are worth more than others, some better […]