The Most Important Elements of Political Success

political success

Getting involved is one thing.  Sticking with it is something else.

Over two thousand years ago a Roman general wanted to prove to his soldiers that perseverance in combat was more important than strength.  He had two horses brought before his men, one was a healthy stallion and the other was an old nag.

He then ordered one of his strongest men to pull off the weak horse’s tail.  When the soldier failed, the general ordered one of the weakest men in his command to pull the tail off of the stronger horse, but to do it one hair at a time.  Soon the horse’s tail was gone.

The lesson? Patience and diligence gets the job done.

Remember, things in our country didn’t get this off-track overnight.  So don’t be discouraged over everything that needs to be done or could be done, but rather focus on what you can do – or even just what you “like” to do.

As a result, you’ll be more likely to stick with it.

Political success depends on patience and diligence

In order to truly have an impact on our culture and our political system, that’s what the conservative movement needs – volunteers that are diligent and have the patience to stay involved.

Whether it’s someone running a church voter registration drive who only registers a few fellow church members to vote, a precinct organizer who identifies only one like-minded voter, or someone who joins an online campaign and forwards messages to their friends, each contribution helps augments the overall effort to give conservatives a greater voice in their government.

Remember, politics is all about people – and addition and multiplication of people’s efforts.  So don’t believe that you have to be a full-time political activists to impact the things that you care about.  Just be willing to do the little things to collectively accomplish the great things.

The key isn’t that a few do a lot, but rather that many do at least a little.

In our system of self-government you get what you pay for – or work for.  No victory or defeat is permanent, and the battles always rage whether you show up or not.  But you can’t make a difference if you’re not involved.

Stick with it.

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