The Advanced Guide to Grassroots Politics

Advanced Guide - page promoAre you beyond the basics?  Ready to learn more about successful grassroots politics?

Then it’s time for you to move up to The Advanced Guide to Grassroots Politics.  It’s Level 3 in the Grassroots 101 Training Series. and it can help you take your political activity (and impact) to the next level.

The Advanced Guide provides “how to” guidance covering activity relating to:

  • Advanced lobbying
  • Campaigns and elections
  • Communications
  • Parliamentary procedure
  • Volunteer management

If you’re ready to find out more about the things you need to know to be even more effective at the grassroots level, this is the guide for you.

When it comes to making a difference, it’s one thing to have the will, but you also need the “know how”.  Get the information you need to have a greater impact!

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The Advanced Guide is full of practical tips and answers to to key questions:

On Lobbying:

  • When you should (or shouldn’t) “pick a fight” politically
  • How do you do effective research?
  • How do you build a lobbying coalition?
  • What are the keys to lobbying success?
  • How do you target votes?
  • What is “grasstops” lobbying?  And how do you go about it?
  • How do you prepare information that’s more likely to sway an elected official?

On Campaigns:

  • How do you organize a campaign?  Who should do what?
  • How do you plan a campaign?
  • What are the three key elements of any campaign?
  • How do you fundraise for campaigns & elections?

On Communications:

  • How do you communicate your message?  Some suggested tips and tactics.
  • Whats the best way to work with the press?
  • How do you write a press release?
  • Eighteen tips on how to give great interviews
  • How to get your message out in new media
  • How to write great letters-to-the-editor
  • Eight tips on writing great op-ed columns

On Parliamentary Procedure:

  • What are the basic rules of parliamentary procedure?
  • Tips for making, amending and voting on motions
  • How to use parliamentary procedure to your advantage

On Volunteers:

  • How do you effectively manage volunteers?
  • How do you keep them motivated?

…and much, much more!  Order your copy now!

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Order now via for just $19.95!

(Click here and find out about a 30% discount on the entire 3 volume e-book version!)

So what are you waiting for?  Make an investment in being a more effective advocate for the things you care about. 

Get your copy today!


Not ready for the “Advanced Guide”?  Then check out the “Beginner’s Guide” or the “Intermediate Guide” to get the information you need to have an impact!





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