Obamacare Promises vs Reality

Like some cheesy infomercial that tries to convince you of how great its product is, the Obama administration continues to tell us about the wonders of Obamacare.  But a critical difference between Obamacare and the “as seen on TV” product is that the sales number and website for the latter always works, (even if the […]

Shutdown follies – and what Republicans should do

What if they threw a shutdown and nobody noticed? Despite Obama’s best efforts and dire warnings of what would happen if Republicans didn’t give him what he wanted, 80% of Americans in the latest AP poll say they’ve felt no impact from the shutdown. The problem Democrats have is that the shutdown only impacts a […]

Low Information Voters Twerking to the Bottom

Where the culture goes, so goes the electorate and then eventually self-government. So where does that leave us? Apparently “twerking” before the ruling class. For the newly initiated, “twerking” is described as a “low squatting dance” that involves “moving ones buttocks in a circular, up-and-down, and side-to-side motion; basically a slutty dance derived from strip […]

Culture war becoming a war over religious liberty

With each passing day the country’s ongoing culture war is morphing into an assault on religious liberty. When liberals talk about opposing the “legislating of morality”, what they really mean is that they oppose policies that are supported by people whose morality is based on religious beliefs – and that they want to force everyone […]

Time for a National Conversation on Liberty

After every media sensationalized incident of racism, gun violence, or fill in the blank, we are told by our betters that it’s time for a “national conversation” on the subject.  This usually seems less about actually having a conversation and more about giving them a sense of moral superiority. But if information is power and, […]