Why Conservatives Should Get Involved in the Republican Party

political influenceHow would you like to have more political influence than 99.99% of the population?

Would you like to become so influential for the things that you care about that candidates and public officials come to you for support, seek out your opinions or come to know you on a first name basis.  Or maybe so important that your opinions help shape the political debate.

How is this possible?  Simply by getting involved in a political party.  And for conservatives, that means get involved in the Republican Party.

Parties are where the power is

Most of the political influence in our country is channeled through the two major political parties.  Everything from public policy, to candidates for public office and the laws that are proposed and/or passed in our country are influenced by political parties.

It is fair to say that the degree to which you can participate and be effective in the political process depends, to some extent, on the degree to which you get involved in a political party.

The apathy of others increases your impact

Most people in our country don’t get involved in political parties.  They don’t even bother to vote in party primaries, much less volunteer or serve in any elected capacity within a party.

Consider some numbers: Only a little more than half of all Americans bother to register to vote; a little more than half of them will vote in the average election; less than half of that number will vote in the average party primary – then split that number in half between the average turnout in Republican and Democrat party primaries.

At that point you’re already having more influence than 80% or more of the population.

Party involvement magnifies your political influence

It will vary slightly from state to state, but on average only about 1/10 of 1% of Americans are actually part of a political party structure – meaning they have joined a local party precinct organization.  A still smaller percentage of that group either gets elected to a local leadership position or as a delegate to the county, district, state or national levels.

These are the people who are usually sought out by candidates and elected officials for their feedback, their help on campaigns and to fill staff positions in government.

Political parties are just vehicles

Political parties in some form or another have existed since the foundation of our country.  Their “philosophies” have changed over time however, as members come and go. In other words, they’re no better than the people that comprise them at any given time.

For example, think of a political party as a bus that a group of people use to get from one place to another.  Every few years the bus pulls over to the side of the road, people get on and off, they fight over the steering wheel, and then it goes down the road for a few more years.

But if you’re not “on” the bus, you don’t have any influence over “where” it goes.

So, again, do you want to have a greater impact for the conservative agenda and things you care about?  Then get involved in the Republican Party at the local level.

Don’t let people you may disagree with (or who are just disagreeable) keep you from getting involved.  You can’t control what other people do or don’t do.  Only yourself.

Don’t be part of the 99.99%


You can get more tips about about party activism in my Intermediate Guide to Grassroots Politics!

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  • grumpy

    these arguments are equally valid for forming/joining a conservative party, one that more closely reflects conservative values. The R party is getting hard to distinguish from the D party

  • Joseph Lenard

    Third Parties amount to absolutely ZERO. Aside from getting Jesse Ventura elected – how’d that work out – Third parties get no-one elected – ever – anywhere – let alone to National Offices. The way to get Conservative values on the rise, is to be a GOP Precinct Delegate, get involved in local Committee Politics, and help RECRUIT THE CONSERVATIVE CANDIDATES for your area – as opposed to sitting around and waiting and WHINING ENDLESSLY about how they are not good enough for you. Or, better yet, if you NEVER have a Candidate you agree with enough, perhaps it’s time for YOU to get off your ass and run for Office yourself! No, didn’t think so…. So: STOP screaming from the Bleachers (by bitching endlessly on Twitter) and get on the Field and help shape the Team!!! Become a GOP Precinct Delegate this year so you can help 2014 Candidates, but better be in place to help MOLD who becomes the 2016 Candidates!

  • Joseph Lenard

    Oh… also… Not only MUST you become Precinct Delegates, get involved in Committees/Conventions… YOU MUST BECOME POLL CHALLENGERS to help prevent Democrat #VoterFraud in ALL Elections! Contact the GOP HQ in your State to find out how to become, at least one, if not BOTH!