The Power of Numbers in Grassroots Lobbying

When it comes to grassroots lobbying, there is power in numbers. And numbers can come from a quality grassroots organization that encourages supporters to directly contact their elected officials. The thing that makes phone calls and letters so effective is that they are short and quick means of relaying your message.  Changing the mind of […]

How to Manage Political Volunteers

American politics and public policy is moved by its citizens; specifically, ACTIVE citizens. It’s all about people.  People work for candidates in their campaigns, cast ballots on Election Day, and then lobby those elected officials to help shape public policy once they get into office. But given that so few people actually do participate in […]

HOW to Create Your Own Endorsement List

How many times has someone asked who you plan to vote for in any given election? Better yet, how many times have you been asked “who should I vote for?” Probably more than once. Of course you’re not the only one. People who are truly paying attention to politics tend to get more than just […]

The Four Types of People in Politics

So often we can get frustrated by people in politics who do the wrong things (or even stupid things) unexpectedly. But usually that is because we let ourselves expect too much of people without giving much thought to “why” they may do the things that they do. The key is to know the types of […]

HOW to Hold Successful Voter Registration Drives

Making sure that conservatives are registered to vote is one of the most fundamentally important activities for the future political success of the conservative movement.  And that means voter registration drives. One of the unpleasant truths of political life is that conservatives tend to be just as bad (or apathetic) about registering and voting as […]