Three methods for conservative grassroots organization

Whether you’re organizing for a campaign, a group or just an issue you care about, there are three areas where it pays for conservatives to focus their time.  And each area has different benefits and challenges. 1) Precinct Organization Organizing by precinct is more geographically focused and as a result can have a more direct […]

How conservatives can impact the political system

The basics for conservatives who want to impact the political system…

The Bizzaro World of Political Correctness

In case you missed it, the Associated Press recently made some changes to its official “Stylebook”, the guide journalist use to determine what words and phrases they should or should not use in their reportage.  The new edict declares terms like “illegal alien, an illegal, illegals or undocumented” as verboten. Why?  The AP claims that […]

Three reasons why conservatives should focus on grassroots politics

Why should we as conservatives focus on the grassroots when it comes to politics?  Because that’s where the opportunities are. Remember Willie Sutton’s response to why he robbed banks?  “Because that’s where the money is”.  It’s that same in politics. The grassroots is where the votes are. Ask almost anyone what they think of politics […]

Strategic tips for the GOP in the debt limit fight

One of the most important elements in any type of conflict is to control the ground you fight on.  In politics, that usually means controlling the issues that will be discussed.  And for Republicans in the pending fight over the debt limit, that means taking the issue of defaulting on our debt payments off of […]