Why Conservatives Should Focus on Precinct Organization

It’s a truism in politics to say that “all politics is local”, but truisms are truisms because they’re usually true. In this case it’s right on the money. The precinct is the most “local” unit in American politics. If you’re not familiar with it, put simply, a “precinct” is essentially your neighborhood. It’s a geographic […]

The Four Rules to Winning an Election

When it comes to winning an election or organizing for grassroots success, it’s not complicated.  It’s not some secret formula that you need to figure out or pay a lot of money for. It’s pretty simple and straightforward.  In fact, the rules haven’t changed since this country first started holding elections. The “rules” were spelled […]

Three methods for conservative grassroots organization

Whether you’re organizing for a campaign, a group or just an issue you care about, there are three areas where it pays for conservatives to focus their time.  And each area has different benefits and challenges. 1) Precinct Organization Organizing by precinct is more geographically focused and as a result can have a more direct […]

How conservatives can impact the political system

The basics for conservatives who want to impact the political system…

The Bizzaro World of Political Correctness

In case you missed it, the Associated Press recently made some changes to its official “Stylebook”, the guide journalist use to determine what words and phrases they should or should not use in their reportage.  The new edict declares terms like “illegal alien, an illegal, illegals or undocumented” as verboten. Why?  The AP claims that […]